As anyone that would read this blog knows (First Responders, Military/Veterans, Public Safety Personnel, and HealthCare Professionals), in three days the people of our country will stop what they are doing and take the time to REMEMBER with us.

There is a grace to remembering and it keeps those we lost alive at least for those that knew them. The thing is, there is also pain in remembering and for some its going to be harder than usual.

Many of us have lost someone who was serving. Some were Military or Veterans, some lost those in healthcare who risked their lives to save ours during this pandemic. And some lost their battle with the invisible injuries that we within OSI-CAN have in common.

On November 11th please know there are people and places to turn for help. Someone to listen while you remember and that in doing so we are honoring those we lost. Reach out if you need help and reach out to those that may need help.

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