OSI-CAN provides peer groups that aid in the recovery and resiliency of the family as a whole. At times, adult family and friends of those affected by Occupational Stress Injuries (OSIs) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) often may be seeking or require connections and resources of their own. 

Supporting the Supporters.


OSI/PTSI can occur when a person directly experiences or witnesses a traumatic event. This can also happen with repeated exposure to traumatic events and details as with OSI’s target group; military, first responders, 911 dispatchers and corrections staff.

Being the caregiver or support for someone with OSI sometimes means facing battles of your own. Feelings of isolation, lack of support or understanding are common traits often shared among family members. That is why we offer peer support meetings just for you; not to teach you about what your family or friend is going through but to take care of YOU as you take care of them.

OSI-CAN MB Family and Friends Meeting
Tuesday Evenings from 6 PM - 7 PM

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Some of the shared feelings and experiences that the caregivers to someone with an OSI/PTSI report are:


* Feeling like they have to "make excuses" for their partner

* Feeling disloyal for reaching out for support

* Stigma

* Isolated

* Overwhelmed

* Exhausted

* Frustrated

* Ostracized

* Distanced from your loved one

* Strain on the relationship

* Fearful of "triggering" them (anger, fear, hypervigilance, etc.)

Those who are in a care/ support position within the family can be especially affected. The facilitators that run the Family and Friends Peer Support Groups understand these feelings, because they have learned through their own lived experience with a spouse, loved one, or close friend.


We know that when anyone gets injured it adds tension to the family or the persons individual community. Left unsupported that community or family is more likely to fall apart, putting more strain on everyone involved. In helping the family/community to be stronger as they support someone with an OSI/PTSD, leads to the retention of relationships and supports and a stronger family and community. That is our goal. 

If you would like a Family and Friends of OSI-CAN Support Group in your community please contact:


Pattie Atwell, Provincial Coordinator

Work: 204-982-6359
Cell: 204-802-0596